Países não se entendem sobre lei supranacional de repressão à pirataria

Pedidos públicos de divulgação das conversas sobre o ACTA estão esquentando, principalmente na Europa; papel dos EUA no acordo não é claro. Os países que negociam um acordo legal contra violação aos direitos de propriedade intelectual na internet têm lutado para estabelecer um consenso sobre questões regulatórias, a base legal do tratado e a ausência […]

New ACTA leak reveals internal conflicts among negotiators

Public outcry over the secret negotiations is heating up, especially in Europe Countries negotiating the secretive Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement are clashing over a proposed three-strikes regulation, the legal basis for such a treaty and the lack of transparency in the process, according to newly leaked documents. The European Parliament is demanding answers from the European […]

Researchers show how to crack popular smart cards

Researchers have published a cryptographic algorithm and source code that could be used to duplicate smart cards used by several major transit systems, including Boston’s Charlie Card and the London Oyster card. Scientists from the Dutch Radboud University Nijmegen presented their findings during the Esorics security conference on Monday in Malaga, Spain. They also published […]

Researchers caution against TCP/IP weakness

Researchers at Finnish security firm Outpost 24 claim to have discovered a flaw in the Internet Protocol that can disrupt any computer or server. After keeping the flaw quiet for years, the researchers hope that going public will help accelerate the creation of a solution. The flaw allows attackers to cripple computers and servers by […]

IE8’s ‘privacy’ mode leaks your private data

Information concealed by the InPrivateBrowsing feature of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8.0 can easily be recovered by forensic experts, a Dutch website has found. The InPrivate Browsing feature in Microsoft’s latest browser is designed to delete a user’s browsing history and other personal data that is gathered and stored during regular browsing sessions. The feature is […]