Een vrij beschikbare bewustwordingstraining

Ieder bedrijf hoort aan bewustwording binnen de organisatie te doen. Dat is niet alleen een onderdeel van beveiligingsnormen, maar ook noodzakelijk om ieder beleid kansrijk te maken. Personeel zal dus moeten worden getraind. Radically Open Security ontwikkelt producten die vrij beschikbaar zijn om te gebruiken en ontwikkelden een bewustwordingstraining in opdracht van een van hun klanten.

De training is kosteloos en herbruikbaar beschikbaar. Hoe dat werkt vertelt Melanie Rieback, de oprichter van het bedrijf, aan Ad Reuijl van het CIP.


De documenten van de training zijn hier beschikbaar:




My speech @ Defcon 16 Ticket to Trouble online

Since the MBTA talk was cancelled at Defcon 16 I talked about Dutch transportation cards and systems. The room was pretty packed and the talk went pretty well considering I had ample time to prepare. After some waiting the video is up! You can see it in mpeg-4 (H.264) and in the .mov-format (that is somewhat bigger but delivers higher quality). For those interested that missed the presentation enjoy! Feel free to give feedback.

When interested: the slides were already available, but realize I made the presentation in just little time and used it mainly to keep my story straight.

Defcon 16 Talk: “Ticket to Trouble”

Sunday August 10th I presented about my experiences covering the troubles with the Mifare Classic Chip. It all started the Chaos Communication Camp. The issue was for real and everything went awry from there. Breaking into buildings, travell with cloned, reports that contradict eachother, a secretary of transportation that nearly lost her job. Hell the story was wild and is still ongoing. The talk was a last minute work, because a suddenly available spot. Defcon 16 was simply a blast.

The slides are available here:


For the Dutchies among us: Hier treft u een verhaal aan over mijn ervaring tijdens heel Defcon en BlackHat.